Live Streaming Of The 2016 Co-op Funeralcare Scottish International Open

tv rink.jpgThis World Class indoor event begins Nov 5 and continues through to the 12th. Check out the live streamed matches here at Bisonbowlsblog. Note that Canadian Mark Sandford will compete in this event. He’ll have his work cut out for him though, in his first match he will play Alex Marshall, arguably the best bowler in the world. Good luck Mark! Here is tomorrows broadcast lineup, times are local Scotland time (Wpg times in brackets).

10.00am (0500 hrs CST)

  • Match S3   Jonathan Ross (S) (13) v Wayne Willgress (E) :: Score 0-0,0-0,0-0
  • Match S4   Darren Burnett (S) (7) v Steve Halmai (USA) :: Score 0-0,0-0,0-0

2.00pm (0900 hrs CST)

  • Match S5   David Gourlay (S) (5) v Ruti Gilor (Is) :: Score 0-0,0-0,0-0
  • Match S6   Mervyn King (E) (10) v Lisa Featherby (Aus) :: Score 0-0,0-0,0-0
  • Match S7   Jason Greenslade (W) (12) v Connor Cinato (E):: Score 0-0,0-0,0-0
  • Match S8   Robert Paxton (E) (4) v Anthony Webb (E) :: Score 0-0,0-0,0-0
  • Match S9   Alex Marshall MBE (S) (3) v Mark Sandford (Can) :: Score 0-0,0-0,0-

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