Gateway’s Afternoon Appeal


Gateway Lawn Bowing Club has seen a significant drop-off in participation during the afternoon sessions this winter. There are a number of reasons for that including; league play in the morning, winter travel, poor health, extreme weather, and so on. The indoor facility at Gateway has served our bowls community exceptionally well over the years and we’d hate to lose it on account of periodic low participation. As a bowls facility it has many great qualities, and it’s made available to us at a very low cost. The usual rental fee for the surface is in the neighborhood of $180.00/hr. The three dollar cost per bowler is ridiculously inexpensive. If we lost the use of this facility it would be a disaster for indoor bowls in Manitoba. Finding a replacement venue that offers the same low cost and superior amenities would be impossible. We want to express our continuing commitment to the Gateway Community Centre by making the best use of green. Our first goal has always been bowls promotion – getting bowlers on the green. By doing so we further our two primary aims; increasing participation, and providing development opportunities. The morning triples league has been a complete success in this regard. The afternoon casual bowling session however is lagging. We need to maximize the use of our green then also. This can only be achieved by getting bowlers on the green. We need your help, it’s your green, it’s our green. Let’s keep it that way, let’s guard Gateway as the go-to venue for indoor bowls in Winnipeg.

Greatway LBC features a well lit, climate controlled, full length bowling surface, with decent green speed and draw lines. There’s ample parking, there is a place for bowls storage, a large/bright change room, a large clean lunch area, and fun/competitive bowling.

Gateway LBC offers a great weekly winter opportunity to meet with friends and enjoy casual, fun bowling in a setting second to none. Make it your goal to bring a friend, a neighbour or family member to join us in our appreciation of lawn bowls. Spread the word!Gry3


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