PTFI’s Great Garage Sale

The Provincial Team Fundraising Initiative hosted a garage sale on Saturday, and it was a great success. The weather was fantastic and we put a good chunk o’ change in the cash box. Thank you to the Norwood LBC for the use of the clubhouse and grounds, without which this could not have happened. Thanks especially to Elaine Jones for taking the lead in this endeavour. Her organisational skills and leadership were the two key elements in this successful fundraiser. Putting on a big sale such as this is a helluva lot of work, and it can’t be done without the active support of others. Our volunteer members are second to none – they turned out in big numbers, worked hard and helped make this a successful event. They know what to do and how to get ‘er done. Bravo to PTFI and its hard working and dedicated members.DSC01469DSC01464DSC01465


One thought on “PTFI’s Great Garage Sale

  1. It was a success. The best one so far. Cleanup began this morning but they have to come back for another load tomorrow morning.
    Thanks again to all our HARD WORKERS!!!


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