Saskatchewan Winners

saskm4s.jpgCongratulations to Mark Sutyla, Doug Propp, Ian Jones, Ernie Meid – they are the 2017 Saskatchewan 4’s champions!!! Bravo!

Congratulations also to Jean Roney, Fran Scott, Anita Nivala, Jordan Kos – they are the 2017 Saskatchewan Ladies champions. Way to go!


Bowling Arm Regulations???


  • However, the bowling arm is unquestionably, “performance enhancing”. Their use is a definite advantage over the majority of able bodied bowlers, in always being able to find and deliver on the correct line required more frequently.
  • The arm provides the user with an almost certain ‘line’ delivery, particularly when the bowler uses the narrowest biased bowls available.
  • I’ve been watching mechanical-arm bowlers with great interest for years now, and in my view, nothing has happened to change my mind on this issue.
  • Ridiculous as it may sound, over a period of around 5 years, I have witnessed ‘arm’ bowlers deliver almost a 98% success rate on their line accuracy (of those experienced in their use) compared to the able-bodied line accuracy in the same matches, rating perhaps around 65%-70%. That’s a huge difference, and too big a gap just to be a coincidence over such a sustained period of time. It can no longer just be ignored.

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