Markers Clinic

Norwood LBC was the host club for our recent markers training session. Twenty  participants spent a little more than 90 minutes on and off of the green learning the finer points of how to effectively mark a singles match. Thank you to all the participants for both volunteering, and for helping to make this a successful learning experience. Many thanks to Elaine for her outreach, written materials, and the planning/arranging of the session. Thank you also to Donna G for sharing her photos.

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Worlds Oldest Bowls Ban


  • Chesterfield Bowling Club in Derbyshire is believed to date back to 1294.
  • But a former member said the club was losing money because of its ageing and dwindling membership, and warned it would close without female members.
  • He said the members were “traditionalists” rather than being “sexist”.
  • “Some were frightened to death that I wanted to introduce ladies.

The BBC has this story of bowls sexism here.