Renown Club Closing

fairmont.jpgMore club closing news, as always sad.

  • When the Fairmont Lawn Bowling Club opened in east London in 1915, it was one of the only leisure clubs in town, and it boasted more than 200 members
  • As part of the London Psychiatric Hospital area plan urban design strategy, 8.42 acres of land resting north of Dundas Street East are for sale, with the property marked as multi-family priced at $22.4 million. The Fairmont club, now on a month-to-month lease instead of the traditional yearly lease, occupies two acres within that land parcel.
  • “If we moved, it would cost $200,000 to create new greens, and a new building would cost us about $50,000,” Garrett said. “There are huge lawn maintenance costs – phenomenal costs. So in the end, we decided as a group to dissolve sooner rather than later.”

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