Bankton Mains Bowling Club


Norwood Celebrates

Any story about lawn bowls in Manitoba has to include recognition of Norwood LBC.  Those in the know, know, that Norwood has the green, Norwood has the trophies, Norwood has the hard-working volunteers, it has the history, and, it has a thriving membership. It’s the membership that makes it great. It’s ALL about the people – they are fun, friendly, hard working, successful, and dedicated. Manitoba’ s lawn bowls community is truly fortunate to have such a club. Today Norwood LBC celebrates its ninetieth birthday and looking back there is much to celebrate and be proud of –  we recall the people, the fun times, and the special moments that make up our memories.  Now we look ahead, to tomorrow, to the future, to making more great memories and further cementing Norwood’s place in Manitoba History. CONGRATULATIONS to Norwood for it’s long history of success and achievement!

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