Senior Women’s Triples – Good News Bowls

snrtrips.jpg“Tuesday, 1 August 8:00 AM saw the Almonte Lawn Bowling Club host the first day of the Senior Women’s Triples Lawn Bowling Provincial Championship tournament. The 16 teams, comprising 48 women from teams across the province, battled extreme heat under a bright blue sky in their bid to represent Ontario at the Senior Women’s Triple Championship games to be held in Peterborough, August 24-30.”

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Barefoot And Bowling


  • They are tanned, they are twenty-something and they are drinking beer, with the vast South Pacific Ocean stretching off into the distance.
  • “Hopefully the film showed that bowls clubs by and large are very welcoming, and fun places to be – a game of bowls is basically a front for a social occasion. And, as Jack says [in the film], the drinks are at 1970s prices. That probably helped.”The new clientele has helped breathe new life into a sport that was in decline.
  • “It’s more about socialising with your mates It’s like a daytime alternative to going out and drinking at a bar,” says Justine Anderson, 31. 

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