Manitoba Monday


Celebrations Dinner Theatre Tickets Winner

DSC03813.JPGCongrats to Brenda Frank for winning the pair of Celebrations Dinner Theatre tickets recently raffled off by the Provincial Team Fundraising Committee (PTFC). The tickets were provided by Canad Inns Ft Gary as part of a new sponsorship agreement. Presenting the tickets is PTFC vice chair Gerry Chudrick.

Bisonbowlsblog would like to recognise, and congratulate Gerry for his exceptional initiative in reaching out to Canad Inns. He imagined a sponsorship relationship, engaged management, and set into motion this new and important promotional and fundraising opportunity. Partnering with Canad Inns will create greater awareness of bowls, raise the profile of our beloved sport, and facilitate fundraising. This arrangement is exceptional in our community and holds great promise. Bravo Gerry!!!!!