The Long Read – A Bowls Brouhaha


  • Nothing was ever good enough for Robyn,” one woman tells me. “She was always criticising people’s work, and putting other people down.”
  • “Some of the men don’t cope with that very well,” Nev tells me. “They don’t like having to answer to a woman.”
  • “I admire her for taking them on,” he says. “She’s got more balls than me.”
  • Both sides agree that the whole affair is absurd, highly destructive and titanically petty
  • The Supreme Court judgement was clear and concise….Costs were awarded: the club had to pay the Perrens’ legal fees of $36,721
  • It’s (bowls) so languid, so peaceful. I didn’t understand bowls before. I never really got it. Now I look across the greens, at all those happy faces, and think: What a lovely way to spend the day.

Check out this must read bowls saga furnished by the



98 & 11


  • Norm Rowland still loves the sport at age 98 and skips a rink for the club’s Grade 7 team with 11-year-old Jacob Aitken his lead.
  • ‘’I love bowls,’’ Jacob said.  ‘’I like winning and it’s great to play with Norm. He takes time out to help me and makes bowls fun.’’
  • ‘’Jacob’s a lovely boy and I like spending my Saturdays with him,’’ Norm said.‘’While I encourage him and help him, everyone in the team helps one another. We all love one another’s company.’’

You can read the entire story at this link.