No Love For All The Bowling Ladies

Chadstone Bowls Club has 600 members of all ages and is mixed gender. Many are elderly. The club’s video, All the Bowling Ladies, had received over 1.3 million views on the Residents Against the Stadium (RATS) Facebook page, with 20,000 reactions and 8,500 comments. Two 82-year-olds and a 72-year-old danced to their adaptation of Beyonce’s hit song Single Ladies. The YouTube version had nearly 140,000 views:

The club lost its fight with city council and will be closing. Read the entire Global Voices article here.



World Bowls And The WIBC

world bowls.png

  • both organisations are pleased to announce that a draft agreement is in the process of being finalised whereby World Indoor Bowls Council (WIBC), renamed as International Indoor Bowls Council, will affiliate to World Bowls.
  • ‘The proposed new agreement between World Bowls and World Indoor Bowls Council represents a tremendous step forward for the sport of Bowls,’ stated World Bowls president John Bell.
  • ‘It is a classic example of two administrative bodies working together to enhance the quality, credibility and profile of world events. Importantly too, it will also provide consistency of global governance and promotion at all levels of the sport and elevate the status of the indoor code worldwide.’

You can read more at by clicking here.