Club Closures Obviate Need For Change


  • “There used to be a waiting list to join,” says the club treasurer, “but now the hardest thing is getting people through the door
  • Bowls remains one of Scotland’s most popular participation sports, with 859 clubs and 57,673 playing members across the country. But it has struggled to shed its traditional image of stuffy blazers, rigorous regulations and sex-segregated competition, while local clubs have been slow to attract younger players.
  • “How do you compete with everything else that people want to do?” Brown asks. “You have to become a community hub, become part of the social fabric again. It’s crazy that we’re only open on Friday nights, seven months of the year.”
  • Across the city, it’s becoming increasingly common to hear about a gig, or a 40th birthday ceilidh, or a yoga session being held at a bowls club. Bowls Scotland’s development team has been working with clubs, encouraging them to be “more than a bowling club” in order to thrive. has the full story at this link.